Benjamin Franklin recently visited Douglas Elementary School to teach third, fourth and fifth graders about his life and accomplishments.  Students learned about Franklin’s inventions, including the lightning rod and bifocals, as well as his many life accomplishments, including his key role in convincing France to form an alliance with the colonies during the Revolutionary War.

Historical-based visits such as this one enrich students’ knowledge of history in a way the typical classroom textbook cannot.  Students were eager to learn details about Franklin’s life story, asking and answering questions about Franklin as the program went on.  Each time Franklin asked a question, hands shot into the air throughout the room, as students raced for a chance to share their knowledge.  Some students even learned so much they were proclaimed “Benjamin Franklin Experts”.

Fourth grader Kemori Gilchrist said, “I liked the program as a whole because it was inspiring.  It encouraged me to start reading more and doing more science experiments, so that I can learn even more.”  Like Kemori, many students asked their teachers for books about Ben Franklin and the other Founding Fathers once they returned to class.

Benjamin Franklin and his assistant Kemori Gilchrist leads a group of students through a demonstration of how electricity travels.  Students pictured from left to right:  Jatasia Moment, Jaelyn Gill, Brittany Lopez-Reyes, Christopher Addison, Aden Morales