Douglas Elementary School recently held its annual Breakfast with Moms and Grand Moms event.  More than 100 moms and grand moms joined their students for a breakfast of sausage biscuits, juice, fruit and milk.  The cafeteria staff did an amazing job of preparing 306 meals. The students enjoyed eating breakfast with their family members.  They also enjoyed showing them their classrooms and work they had displayed in the hallway after breakfast.

Kelly Culpepper shared her students’ excitement, “My students were so proud when their moms and grandmas came to eat with them.  I think it’s wonderful for the students to feel supported by the incredible women in their lives.”

When cafeteria manager Bessie Dandy was asked what she enjoys about Breakfast with Moms, her response was “Moms and Grandmas are always busy feeding everyone else, so it’s always nice to show them appreciation and this is one way DES does that.”

The annual event held at DES encourages family involvement and the importance of good adult role models for children.  Teaching and displaying high ethical standards is a task that starts at home. Breakfast for Moms offers an opportunity for students to see the connection between role models at home and role models at school.

Pictured: Teresa and Zachary Eddy