Students in Mrs. Mark’s and Ms. Streu’s classrooms at Douglas Elementary School kicked off the 100th day of school with an exciting challenge! They challenged themselves to read 100 books during the day.  The students began by brainstorming how they could accomplish this task.  After the planning stage, they immediately went to work. They were reading everything they could get their hands on.  They read independently, as a whole class, and partnered up with friends to complete the challenge.

As a book was completed, they created a tree of “100 Sweet Reads.” The hearts were filled with the titles of the books they read.  As a student added a heart to the tree, you could see how it encouraged and motivated the others to read and add their heart to the tree. At the end of the day, students were ecstatic when they saw that they had met their goal.  Mrs. Mark and Ms. Streu were proud to see their students work so hard to accomplish their goal.


Students pictured from the top left corner around:  Mikyah Gilchrist, La’Trez Figueroa, Chasin Lovett, Brady Wood

Large picture bottom left: Nakira Gray, Ja’Quan Williams, and Tamaya Rouse