On February 22, Douglas Elementary held its annual Multi-Cultural Program. This year the program included celebrations of African American, Chinese and Mexican cultures, as well as a few special guests.

Child development, kindergarten, first and second grade classes sang various songs from other countries, as a celebration of music from around the world. The fourth-grade students constructed a dragon and smaller dragon lanterns as part of a demonstration of a traditional Chinese New Year parade. In addition to the parade, students shared facts about the Chinese New Year celebration. The fifth-grade students presented many facts about Mexico, including, including major holidays and traditions.

In addition to student presentations, guest speakers from the Bettis Academy Biddle Hall museum spoke to the students about the rich culture and history of the Bettis Academy area and invited students to visit the museum with their families. A Scottish bagpiper rounded out the program. He explained how the bagpipes work, what their original purpose was with the Scottish army, and finished out with a medley of traditional Scottish music.

Students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed the program, and were excited to share what they learned with younger siblings and parents. Fourth grader Faith Johnson shared, “Making the dragon was so cool. The Chinese New Year is a really exciting celebration.”

Fourth-graders Julius Hardy and Alexius Moore pose with the Chinese dragon, created by the fourth grade classes.