Douglas Elementary implemented a new positive behavior reinforcement system this year.  The behavior system works to reward students for working hard, showing respect, and going above and beyond in their daily activities.

Students strive to earn “PAWS” for exhibiting positive behavior.  When a student earns a PAW, they put it in the bucket, in hopes of earning a prize.  Every Friday, five PAWS are drawn from the bucket, and prizes are awarded to the weekly winners.  The more PAWS you earn, the better your chances are of being drawn as a weekly winner.

Weekly winners receive a small prize, and are also featured in the school newsletter each week.  Students work hard to earn PAWS, and are very excited when they are called as winners.  A recent winner, fourth-grader Destiny Johnson stated, “This was my second time winning, and I really appreciate being recognized for my good behavior.


Weekly winners are pictured left to right:  Yoselin Cortez, Destiny Johnson, Amber Bishop, Natasha Gray, Nelliana Bido