Douglas Elementary recently held its annual fifth grade Spelling Bee.  Eight fifth graders participated in the competitive Scripps National Spelling Bee this year.  In preparation for the Spelling Bee, students studied the assigned list of over 450 words.     As part of their preparation, many students learned to not only spell the new words, but also what they meant, and how to use them in speech and writing.

In addition to learning new words, students also learned a few other important lessons.  They learned a lot about perseverance while studying important lessons about displaying integrity when they missed their assigned words during the competition.  After eleven rounds, Kemori Gilchrist was named the winner.  Christopher Addison was the runner-up, followed by Jasmin Lopez-Treadaway.   We wish Kemori the best of luck as he goes on to compete at the district level on Jan 23rd.


Picture left to right: Kemori Gilchrist and grandparents Beverly and Calvin Gilchrist, Christopher Addison and grandmother Judith Deese,  and Jasmin Lopez-Treadaway with mother Barabara Lopez-Treadaway