Third graders at Douglas Elementary recently studied animals and habitats as part of a life science unit. This life science unit included a project to show what students learned.  Math and Science teacher Windie Burton stated, “Students learned how animals live in their natural habitats.”  The student projects are evidence that students learned this, and much more.

After learning about various habitats in class, students chose a habitat to learn more about.  Once their habitat research was complete, students created a diorama, which showed the natural environment, as well as predators and prey that live in the habitat.

In addition to creating the habitat, students answered questions about a predator and prey set that were parts of the food chain within the habitat.  Students then gave short oral presentations to share their knowledge with their classmates.  Third-grader Amber Bishop shared, “I was very happy to show my project with the class because I was able to tell others about what I did and I got to learn from their projects too!”

Project-based learning, peer collaboration and oral presentations are just a few of the things Douglas Elementary is doing to support our community’s vision of developing “Edgefield County Graduates.”


Pictured left to right:  Kamira Johnson-Williams, Mikel Trujillo, Mason Wilson, Amber Bishop