Students at Douglas Elementary School were surprised to get a visit from the Augusta Green Jackets mascot “Auggie.” Auggie shared some exciting news about his “Book Club.”   Auggie’s Book Club is a four-week program divided into four sections, each representing a “base” on the baseball diamond.

Once a student completes an assignment, they advance to the next base!  First base was a free meal from California Dreaming, second base was a free ticket to play “Putt Putt” golf, and third base was a free cookie from Zaxby’s.

The goal was to hit a “home run” by the end of the designated time frame set by the Teacher and Media Specialist. Students who hit a home run and achieved their reading goals received a free ticket to attend the baseball game on April 17th and hang out with Auggie in the new SRP Park.

Special thanks to Ms. Shannon Petty who serves as the media specialist and coordinator for this event for our students.


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