For the past few weeks, 1st and 2nd grade students in Mrs. Mance, Mrs. Rohr, Mrs. Culpepper, Mrs. Derrick and Ms. Streu’s classes at Douglas Elementary had a chance to closely observe and study the life cycle of butterflies.  “This is always an exciting unit for our students” stated Mrs. Mance. Students were able to track and record details as they watched a cup of caterpillars transform into beautiful, vibrant butterflies. Students were amazed as they patiently watched the caterpillars eat, rest, and transform into chrysalises-which eventually hatched into butterflies.  Once the butterflies had completed their cycle, students gathered outside and watched them fly away.  Students learned so much about science throughout this process! It was a great way to bring nature into the classroom!



Pictured left to right: Ja’Quan Williams, Ms. Streu, Zion Pixley, Larry Smith