Students in Mrs. Michelle Smith’s third grade class at Douglas Elementary School have been learning how to read with expression.   Students practiced their expression using their “teacher voices” and also created questions to keep the younger students actively engaged in the story.

When Mrs. Smith was asked why is it so important for students to read with expression, she stated “In order for children to become more fluent in their reading, they need to learn how to read with expression. This helps them to better understand and enjoy the text they are reading. Many times children can get caught up in simply reading the text correctly, so as a teacher it is vital to teach the importance of reading with expression.”   When Nelliana Bido was asked how she felt about reading to the kindergarten class, her response was “I was a little nervous at first, but when I started reading with expression, I could tell they were enjoying the story.”

We are so proud of our third grade readers at Douglas Elementary and special thanks to Mrs. Janice Cleveland for allowing the third graders to come practice their reading skills with her kindergarten class.


Pictured left to right Nelliana Bido, Ally Mabe, De’Ashia Garrett