Mrs. Bridget Bolin’s fourth graders are learning all about Native Americans at Douglas Elementary! Students learned how territorial expansion, related land policies, and specific legislation affected Native Americans, including the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Mrs. Bolin incorporated technology by showing her students a video that focused on how the Native Americans actually lived and how various laws were implemented that affected them.  The students were really fascinated by how the Native Americans homes looked and how they hunted for food.  when Amber Doane was asked if she thought she could hunt for her food, she stated quickly. “No Ma’am!”

Since their homes were interesting to the students, Mrs. Bolin decided to have their students create a visual product of a teepee.  Once their models were created, they each wrote a brief paragraph exlaining the everyday life and the physical environment of the Native Americans.  When Jaliyah Hill was asked if she could live in a teepee, her reply was, “I actually think it would be fun!”


Pictured left to right: Amber Doane, Wilder Perez, Jaliyah Hill, Vivyana Acosta, and Carter Boatwright