Students at Douglas Elementary have been busy creating masterpieces in art class.  Students have created a variety of artwork, including paintings, drawings, papier mache sculptures, murals, and weavings.  Art teacher Robbie Bellamy has led the students in learning the art standards while ensuring they are exploring their creative talents.  Throughout the school year, students have experienced content integration, creating art that supported their classroom learning.  Students created Aztec masks, black history murals, water cycle paintings, native American weavings and many more creative projects.

Multiple grade-levels worked together on projects to support school programs and decorations throughout the school year.  Students enjoyed seeing their collective artwork throughout the school all year.  Jaelyn Gill stated, “Our school is so cheerful with our artwork decorating the walls!”



Carter Hill, Kimberly Ramirez, and Jaelyn Gill are featured with their hot-air balloon weavings.