Douglas Elementary School science teachers, Mrs. Lindzee Ritz and First grade teacher Mrs. Nicole Mance took advantage of an opportunity to better engage their students in learning by attending the 2017 Project Lead The Way this summer. Project Lead The Way is an American non-profit organization that develops STEM curricula for use by elementary, middle, and high school students.  Mrs. Ritz loves to seek out activities where students have the chance to create “hands-on” projects.  Mrs. Ritz stated that she believes all students, beginning at a young age, need access to real-world, learning experiences.

After studying about the ecosystems, students had the opportunity to create a hands-on project of their choice showing what they learned. They designed their own ecosystem listing all biotic and abiotic factors, detailing at least 4 organisms one from each category of producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, and decomposer, and included a food web. They had to present their projects in class. Some of the students did posters; others did power point presentations and some did booklets.

“Seeing students take control of their learning was awesome, but seeing them present that information in a way that made sense to them was even better.” stated Ritz.


Pictured left to right on front row: Jasmin Lopez Treadway, Sandra Agustin, and Kiarah Johnson.   Back row left to right: Destiny Johnson, Jayden Dais, and Aniela Watkins