Douglas Elementary second graders were visited by the Mayor of Johnston this week.  Mayor Terrance Culbreath spoke to the students on how he decided to pursue a career in government.  “I actually started out working on the NASCAR circuit, and eventually decided to so something different so I returned to school and became an Audio Engineer.”  “In 2008 I was even nominated for a Grammy, now that was exciting!”

I later decided that I wanted to pursue a career in local government, so I went around and knocked on doors within the community and explained who I was and what I wanted to do for the town of Johnston. When it came time to vote, a lot of people voted for me and that is how I became the mayor of Johnston.

Since second graders study change over time, Mayor Culbreath talked about how he attended Strom Thurmond High School and how school has changed from when he attended.  “We didn’t have cell phones; internet and IPADS like you guys have now.” “What would you guys do if you did not have these things now?” Zetiyah Weaver responded “I guess we just would sit in our rooms all day!”

During the month of February, DES will have other African American guest speakers’ to visit and share stories to encourage students. If you would like to visit, we would love to have you!


Pictured with Mayor Terrance Culbreath left to right: Mrs. Derrick, Kaleigh Gibson, Kayden Penn, Denise Ramirez, Patience Taylor