Nursing students from Augusta University recently visited classrooms at Douglas Elementary to read books to students and share information about nurses and doctors.  The nursing students gave a demonstration of how to check a person’s pulse and blood pressure, shared information about staying healthy, and also gave a dental hygiene presentation to students for whom English is a second language.  As part of their classroom presentations, they read books about doctor’s tools, the heart and the brain.

While reading to each class, the visitors explained how each medical tool works, and gave students the opportunity to ask questions about the various tools and how they are used.  Students also learned about the parts of the brain, how the brain works, and how the heart works.

The visit inspired students to consider the medical profession for their future careers.  Fourth-grader Edhit Paz shared, “I thought the nurse was very interesting because she told us a lot about things that can help us.  She inspired me because I would like to become a nurse or a doctor when I grow up.”

Inspiration like this is essential for young children as they grow into World Class Citizens.  It is important for them to see ways to make their dreams come true through perseverance and integrity.



Fourth grade students listen to Haley Edmunds, a visiting nursing student