Mrs. Windie Burton’s third grade students at Douglas Elementary (DES) had fun learning about the soil on their playground.  In science, the students have been studying about the Earth’s surface.  After learning about the various types of soil in the classroom, Mrs. Burton took her students outside and allowed them to classify the different types of soils based on their particles.

When Carson Williams was asked what he learned about the soil, he stated “I never knew that humus was in all types of soil.”  As a performance assessment, students had to collect samples of each soil type, state what type of soil it was based on its particles and then justify their answers through writing.

Mrs. Burton explained why she enjoys “hands on learning.” “It is so powerful and all types of learners benefit from it.  It obviously engages students who are tactile or kinesthetic learners, who need movement to learn best. It also engages students who are auditory learners, who talk about what they’re doing, and visual learners, who have the opportunity to see what everyone else is creating.”

Problem solving and critical thinking are two of the many ways DES is preparing our students to become Edgefield County Graduates.

Picture from left to right: Aryan Lyons, Anya Walker, Ayanna Lee, NyAsia Stevens, Cooper Treadaway