On September 26, the money machine came to Douglas Elementary School!  With the help of our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), students had a chance to grab as much cash as they could in 30 seconds. Parent-Teacher Organizations and similar groups   communicate with the school’s teachers and principals to organize events, set goals for fundraising, and coordinate projects.

DES students sold candy bars from “World’s Finest Chocolate” and the top three sellers got a special treat of entering the money machine.  All money that students were able to grab and put in their pockets was theirs to keep.  The machine has bills ranging from one dollar all the way up to twenty dollars.  Cristian Davis was asked “How did it feel to grab all that money?”  His response was short and sweet, “It felt good!” DES would like thank our PTO president, Ms. Heather Murrell and all officers and volunteers that help Douglas Elementary School.