vision boards

Students Create Vision Boards of their Future
Students create vision boards

Several Douglas Elementary School teachers recently attended a Personalized Learning Workshop. The workshop emphasized that with personalized learning plans, students will gain a sense of responsibility with what they will learn. Through setting goals, making a plan and achieving goals, students will become better prepared for their future. Students in Mrs. Culpepper’s second grade class created a “WHY” vision board of what goals they wanted to set for their future and how they were going to get there. Each student began to think of the goals they wanted to set for their future and how they were going to get there. Through this process, students began to see WHY they came to school each day and how reading, writing, and learning math become the stepping stones to creating the future they desire. They cut out pictures they found that represented what they wanted their future to look like and pasted them on their vision boards. Then students wrote their “WHY” and placed it on the center of their vision board.  Mrs Culpepper stated, “when they began to dream and think of the possibilities for their life it was like a light bulb came on inside of them.”  Mrs. Culpepper also said that it allowed her to understand her students on a deeper level as they completed this project. Her students chose careers such as chef, police officer, nail salon owner and even a You- Tuber. This activity is just one example of how personalized learning in the classroom can create intrinsic motivation in a student.


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